SIMS 2014 - 55th International Conference on Simulation and Modelling

In Aalborg, Denmark, October 21st and 22nd

The Venue:



In 2014, the 55th Conference on Simulation and Modelling will be held at Aalborg University, Denmark. Aalborg is the second largest event hosting city in Denmark, and is located in the Northern part of Denmark, at the gateway to the largest holiday region in Southern Scandinavia. Aalborg is a city of some 120,000 inhabitants, and can be easily reached directly by North Sea, air or via 24 hr direct train service from Oslo, Gothenburg, and Copenhagen. Aalborg is a relaxed and fun‐loving city. That is what visitors always notice. It requires no effort at all to fit in with Aalborg’s “feel good” atmosphere.



The 55th SIMS conference will cover broad aspects of simulation, modelling and optimization. The ambition is to bring the field of modeling and simulation technics of energy systems applied to the

general public as a contributing technology for efficient and sustainable energy systems. The scientific program will include technical sessions with submitted and invited papers, and might be open for poster sessions and vendor demonstrations. The conference organization will try to make a number of scholarships available for participation of Ph.D. students in the conference; therefore Ph.D. Students are encouraged to contribute with papers according to the conference themes.


In addition, presented papers will be considered for publication in scientific journal of “Applied Energy (ISSN: 0306‐2619)” published by Elsevier Science.

Registration Fees:





SIMS and EuroSIM Members



Early registration



Late registration



Early registration PhD Students



Late registration PhD Students





The above registration fees include admission to all the sessions of the conference, refreshments, lunch and the conference dinner as well as the Dramatized City Walk on October 21st. * Master students can participate in the sessions of the conference free of charge (without refreshments, lunch, conference dinner and Dramatized City Walk). * Accompagning persons can participate in the conference dinner and the Dramatized City Walk for a fee of €100. --- DRAMATIZED CITY WALK (between 18:00 and 19:00 October 21st): Meeting point: Duus’ Winecellar, Østerågade 9. Drunkenness and brawls, prostitution and witch burnings were all part of life for the citizens of Aalborg some 400 years ago. The dark past lives again for you on this tour where historical facts are mixed with convincing drama! The tour lasts a little over an hour where a guide leads the guests safely through the tumult; in which semi-professional actors from the theatre group of Det Hem’lige Teater (the secret theatre) help recreate the past. They breathe life into some of the historic and infamous events that Aalborg has witnessed through the centuries. You will learn about rich and the poor, centering on the wealthy merchant, Jens Bang, who built the famous stone house in 1624 that bears his name. The tour winds through the old city streets and looks at the life of such people – not to mention the prostitutes, the pregnant chambermaids and the liquor that was the poor man’s friend. The tour ends in Søgaards Bryghus (restaurant/micro brewery).

Organizing Committee:

Kim Sørensen

Associate Professor, Aalborg University


Mads Pagh Nielsen

Associate Professor, Aalborg University


Alireza Rezania Kolaei

Assistant Professor, Aalborg University


Hanne M. Madsen

Information Officer, Aalborg University


Maria H. Friis

Information Officer, Aalborg University


Scientific Committee:


Lars Eriksson, Linköping University, SE


Erik Dahlquist, Mälardalens Högskola, SE


Esko Juuso, University of Oulu, FI


Brian Elmegaard, DTU, DK


Tommy Mølbak, Added Values P/S, DK


Axel Ohrt Johansen, Added Values P/S, DK


Kaj Juslin, VTT, FI


Bernt Lie, Høgskolen i Telemark, NO


Tiina Komulainen, Oslo University Coll., NO


Magnus Jonsson, University of Iceland, IS


Jónas Ketilsson,

Nat. Energy Authority., IS


Gerhard Nygaard,

Cybernetic Drilling Tech AS, NO


Kim Sørensen, Aalborg University, DK


Mads Pagh Nielsen, Aalborg University, DK


Alireza Rezania Kolaei, Aalborg University, DK



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